Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Wild Dolphin Diving

Texts: gregory burns
Photos: angie tan

Invited to Perth, Australia to speak for HP at their annual conference gave Angie and I the unique opportunity to do something we had both wanted to do for years: dive with dolphins.
Upon wrapping up the meetings, we set sail with a group of HP folks in search of frolicking dolphins off the nearby coast.
After some sightings, we finally found a slow moving pod and launched a few teams of wet-suited individuals into the waters to observe the antics of these huge mammals.
Floating face down on the surface of the icy water, trying to contain our excitement, we caught sight the dolphins spin and swim just below us in the blue-green waters as they jetted about, playing sea-tag. The clicking sounds of their communications completed the total sensual experience. But moments after darting just beyond our fingertips, they vanished, their high speed departure leaving us floating alone in the sea. Scrambling back onto the boat and away again to find another pod we raced.
Soon a group of females were spotted and another string of humans was spat out the back of the boat and into the sea to observe the sleekgrey creatures.
Friendly and playful, the dolphins seemed to enjoy the attention we gave them no matter how silly we all looked clinging together while hovering over them like over-stuffed bolsters in ourthick black wetsuits. Though our attire was anything but flattering, our international contingent had something else in common, we were exhilarated with our proximity to nature and the intimate connection we had enjoyed with these marvelous creatures and the sea.


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