Friday, December 14, 2012

Puerta Vallarta MEXICO

Here we are in Puerta Vallarta Mexico on the beach but it's difficult to feel where we are. Flying from freezing Pennsylvania yesterday, we now sit by the pool and watch a group doing water aerobics to pop music with an instructor that looks like Julio Inglesie. Around and in the pool, sipping beers mad margaritas are tourists. Lycra and baseball caps. Sunglasses ans sunscreen. Hawkers selling hats ans sarongs in the sand. It is difficult to feel a sense of place because we could be anywhere in the world! This is the vacation package that families save up all year for in order to break away and get some vitamin E on their skin. It's where people escape from the cold, the job, the same old thing in order to reconnect With something lost living in routines. We all need some change, some laughter and sunshine where we can unwind from the tensions created during our 'normal' lives. We eat, drink and try to meet Mary.

But perhaps there is more here than meets the belly. This is time for connection. Time to find grounding and consistency in our relationships, with those we came here with. With those we meet. With ourselves. We reach back into whole ness and balance. Into a full course meal of life with a balanced diet of the major food groups that feed our hearts.


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