Friday, December 21, 2012


Angie & Gregory Joint Exhibition  
at Los Gatos Chambers, California 
All Paintings and Photographs Copyright. All rights reserved. 
Over a year ago, Angie and I began the process and preparations for our exhibition. Working closely with Jade Bradbury, the curator, made the selection and organization process much easier. Through internet and telephone calls, we eventually hit on a series that we hoped would fill the walls of the County Chambers and bring some of our ‘Asian Journey’ to an American audience.

The paintings selected all spoke of the ‘Hero’s Journey’ (as referenced by Joseph Campbell), and how humans continually seek their greatest good. Through traveling and casting a wide net, we reap the stimulations and questions derived from living across cultures. Our learning’s we then bring back home to share with our respective tribes.   The photographs sought to present layers of experience through single shot images captured from reflective surfaces. Presenting multiple views of people and places, not dissimilar to the Cubists’ attempts to show objects from different vantage points simultaneously, the photos offer a rich texture of imagery for the viewer to rummage through.
Carrying most of the work across the ocean and back to California posed some challenges as the size of two of the paintings reached 4x8 foot. Photos mounted on aluminum supports also needed to be packed carefully. Fortunately we managed to land everything and then with Jade’s help, hang everything in a timely manor.

The opening reception was well attended and graciously opened by the Mayor. Our 200-image slideshow perhaps overwhelmed the audience as we tried to include six residencies and almost as many videos. But the bludgeoning left no scars and we took no prisoners. Now we are off to our next adventure though we don’t have the luxury of knowing where that might be just yet. Stay tuned.

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