Sunday, August 29, 2010

A COLOURFUL SEDUCTION . joint exhibition . (all rights reserved)
Angie's Water Lilies:
In our overly stimulated world, for Angie Tan-Burns, Lilies offer a welcomed respite for the soul. Their calming influence informs Angie's photos while only their beauty matches the resilience these flowers embody. Reflecting on these natural works of art one is reminded how capable and creative Mother Nature can be.

Gregory's Figures:
At the impressionable age of 18, Gregory enrolled in a freshman Figure Drawing class at a small college in the Amish territory of Pennsylvania. On the first day of class, along with 20 other new students, Gregory took a seat in the circle around a small raised podium. With little introduction, the instructor invited a young lady wearing a white robe to take the stage. As the terry-cloth garment fell to the ground, and everybody began vigorously scribbling away with their pencils, Gregory knew that he had found his right place in the universe.

Over the past 30 years Gregory has continued his affair with the female figure. His most recent series of mixed media works on paper combines bold sketching with muted painted backgrounds. These emotional glimpses of the figure are meant to celebrate the joys of seeking and feeling through pencil and brush.

A Summer in Garessio

Angie and Gregory's . JOINT EXHIBITION . Aug 6th 2010 . (all rights reserved)
Again we return to our little village in the Maritime Alps of Italy, tucked up against the hills and surrounded by green trees and clean rushing streams. This trip was more about sharing what Angie and I created last year than creating new works. We opened our joint exhibition at the best and only real restaurant in our neighborhood. We were pleased that the local folks made a point to attend and view the work we had created last year while wandering their cobblestone streets.

Garessio remains a quiet little haven, where summertime can be spent sipping coffee in the square or wine at the pizzerias. Hiking the ‘salt road’ where once goods were carried from the Mediterranean Sea inland, one wanders through forests peppered with ancient stone walls covered with moss and intertwined with tree roots. This is a land of old earth and a place to return to a rich and simple life.