Sunday, December 26, 2010

'made in maldives' 
villingili artist in residence
photos by: angie tan burns   text and paintings by: gregory burns (all rights reserved)

Following several weeks feeding visually on the sea world of the Maldives, the tide washes up an intimate series of Gregory Burns’ paintings that reflect the aquatic life found in Shangri-La Villingili’s island oasis.
Circled by mating manta rays and astounded by lumbering whale sharks, the menu of life below the surface of the waves is extensive. In strong currents teeming with darting fish, the artist turned diver sketches on an underwater drawing slate while eye to fin with colorful creatures and coral reefs. 

Retreating to his studio, the painter appropriates references from these sketches, compelled to create art that captures glimpses of a world so contrary to our habituated life in air and gravity.
While under the sea, frolicking with creatures of the deep, humans may well recall their connection with ancient ancestors who shed gills eons ago and took to the land, and wonder why they left? Diving under, momentarily, life is primordial and immediate, as we reconnect again with the sea and our soul.

It is inspiring painting in these giant blocks of blue.