Thursday, May 14, 2015

28th Sea Game Torch Up!

Progression report 11th-14th May 2015    
This week, we made further progress on the main BELL. It is now fully covered with scrap metal and other recycled materials, bringing out the unique artwork for the SEA Games. As you can see above, some of the cans are made into beautiful flower shapes so that the whole main BELL will look more interesting and meaningful.

The students from ITE College East are always coming down to assist with the main BELL and the eleven smaller bells. Angie is guiding the students on this project to ensure a positive experience with such an extraordinary opportunity. The students are also very glad to be getting some hands-on experience on something that is being specially created to commemorate for the 28th SEA Games being held in Singapore. Despite long hours in classes, they are always so serious in their involvement. Some of them even take time off to come down and assist Angie.

As for the eleven small bells, all of the countries are represented with unique imagery from the respective country.  One of the smaller bells is shown above, expressing the icons of Thailand. The rest of the bells are almost done and are all very special in their own ways. Soon they will all be attached to the bottom of the main BELL

Currently, this is the how the Bell looks from the inside. The sides are all filled up and the students go inside the bell to ensure that none of the pieces will fall off. They want to create a perfect bell and it is inspiring to see the whole process of the BELL as it unfolds. It is truly a, "BELL of Inspiration". 

Still much to be done so stay tuned!

Monday, May 11, 2015

28th Sea Games Torch Up! art installation

ABOUT Bell of Inspiration:

The "BELL OF INSPIRATION" is a symbol of calling, signifying the start of the 28th Sea Games. Bells awaken us from rest and urge us forth into our daily pursuits. Bells are also used to announce the passage from one station to another especially in long distance sporting events like swimming and track and field. They are also used to celebrate and commemorate joyous and festive events.

The main Bell art piece is made up of scrap metal items donated by members of the community and supports 11 smaller painted bells made out of recycled steel bottles. These bottles, cut into bells, are painted with the representative colours and imagery belonglng to the 11 participating countries of the SEA Games. These are working bells which the general public can ring any time.

In addition, LED lights are attached to the inside of the bell, which illuminates the Bell from within. The Bell comes to life at night and each time it is rung we hope that it will inspire those around it. Further, it will help to inspire a call to action for the community to come together to support the SEA Games and the athletes.

We would like to thank ITE College East’s Machanical and Electrical engineering departments and students who helped create and illuminate the bells. We are also grateful for the generous donation of materials from Fabriesteel and Srihari Fire N Safety Engineering Pte Ltd. A final big thanks to the students of SOTA for their creativity and participation.

Progression report 26th -29th April 2015   
11 Smaller bells to represent 11 different countries participation in the Sea Games.

After much discussion, banging and welding, the large BELL structure was completed and delivered to ITE College East where we have been given refuge and support for our project. With the kind assistance from the Mechanical Engineering department staff and students, we are well on our way of completing the project in record time.  

The students at ITE initially began with painting the large BELL structure before later assisting with covering the shape with wire mesh. They had earlier cleaned and sanded all the smaller BELLS that will be used to represent the 11 Sea Games teams and hang from the main BELL.
With the help of several strong arms and Mr Sun Yu Li's supervision, we managed to fit the large internal support ring inside the big BELL in order to determine how and where it will be fastened once the whole structure is assembled. 

Next comes the choosing and preparing of all the scrap metal to be attached to the outside of the BELL and then fixing these materials to the wire mesh. At the same time, several ITE students are now working on the smaller bells with a view to paint them in the colors and imagery of the specific county that each bell represents. Once the painting is completed and approved, the flag of each country will be printed out and fixed to each bell so there will be no doubt about which bell represents which country. 

We are still anticipating the arrival of a group of students from SOTA (School of the Arts, Singapore) in early May who will complete the remainder of the 11 smaller BELLS before they are all fixed to the main BELL of INSPIRATION. We are very grateful for all the support we have received from ITE (Institute of Technical Education), friends, the general public and several companies especially Fabriesteel and Srihari Fire N Safety Engineering Pte Ltd who have generously donated materials in such short notice.  We have been truly inspired. Stay Tune for more progress reports coming up in May.
Progression report 5th May 2015

Currently focusing on the discussion and painting of the 11 bells that represent 11 different participation countries of the SEA Games! These 11 smaller bells will be attached to the bottom of the main bell.
SOTA students came over to ITE College East to help the spraying and paintings of the 11 Bells, creating different unique designs to represent 11 different countries involving in the SEA Games, together with ITE College East students. 

Both schools also sat down for a discussion about the designs of the 11 bells before starting on the hands on.
At the same time, the main bell is also being filled with more of the mental scraps.
Stay tune for further progress on the BELL of Inspiration!

Progression report 6th May 2015

Look how serious the SOTA students and even lecturers are discussing about the ideas to INSPIRE the BELL on being even more beautiful with metals and metals scraps only! Giving their very best efforts to make this a wonderful inspiring experience for the 28th SEA Games Singapore. Special thanks to SOTA students that kept on coming down to ITE College East just to assist on the art piece!

Stay tune for more updates coming up in next blog post.