Saturday, April 27, 2013

Across Cultures

“Across Cultures”, an exhibition of three International artists opened this week at StudioBurns in Singapore, where the artists shared the intentions and methodologies behind their work.

enrique delacalle (Costa Rica)
Enrique studied fine arts at the University of Costa Rica, with an emphasis in painting. In his 15-year career he has had many solo and collective shows in his home country. His works can be seen in private collections in Costa Rica and abroad. He is an urban landscaper and portraitist. He paints the urban settings in which he grew up and its inhabitants. He is deeply attracted by the texture of materials and especially the effects of time and wear on the urban fabric and its dwellers, the oxidized and the decaying, as well as the anonymous relationships and interactions its citizens have among themselves and with their environs. He interprets and criticizes daily life in the city, without falling into common clichés.

angie tan-burns (Singapore)
The daughter of one of Singapore’s pioneering contemporary painters Tan Yee Hong, Angie Tan-Burns grew up with pictures. Prior to embarking on a career as a professional photographer, Angie studied fashion and worked as a graphic artist, fueling her unique sense of content and composition. Since 1996, Angie has endeavored to distill the essence of her subjects and their chosen activities. Her ‘active portraitures' seek to capture the energy and emotions of people while engaged in doing what they love. She approaches her architectural and landscape photography with the eye of an Impressionist, resulting in painterly abstracted compositions that blur the lines between photography and painting. Angie’s intimate and emotive photos of unique travel destinations are used by world-renowned hotel chains and have been featured in several international periodicals.

gregory burns (USA)
Gregory Burns slipped into the fabric of Asia in 1984, concluding a cloistered existence painting the beauty of the California Dream. Setting sail for Taiwan he opted for total emersion while studying Chinese brush painting and calligraphy with local masters. With a smattering of Mandarin and paintbrushes he began a summer backpacking trip through China, Tibet, Nepal, India and Pakistan, which stretched into a 16-month sojourn. While seeking out numerous sacred sites, his artwork began referencing the different religious and architectural imagery of the region. Gregory holds an MFA in painting and has exhibited in seventeen countries throughout Asia, Europe and America for over thirty years. Over the past twelve years he has been the Artist-in- Residence at twenty 5-Star Resorts across the globe.


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